funkadelicsinc (funkadelicsinc) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Arashi VS V6 on 8/2

is it me or is aozora gonna be released on the same date as v6's very best II ? its like 8/2 for both( correct me if im wrong)
my goodness, what is johnny trying do to? create a showdown on the charts?
and v6 has 3 versions too. oh god, what in the world is going on!
im annoyed by johnny. how can he pitch arashi against v6.
i really want arashi to be number1... (okay they will be number 1 -_-||)
mods, remove this if its not allowed! thanks!:D

thanks to my dear abaka manager, luckypurple, who pointed out that singles and albums have different charts, we (or rather i) now know, that i have to worry less for arashi :P

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