Amy (acidae) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Ura Arashi

I was browsing through Johnny's Net just now and I noticed something new listed under "EVENT" on Arashi's Artist Information page. My Japanese is non-existent, but I managed to plow through a bit of what they said anyway. Please do correct me if I'm wrong though!

From what I gathered, it's a new corner/segment that will take place during their summer tour, most likely during the concerts (kind of like the Kick the Can and Ohmiya SK segments they currently have in between songs).

Ura Arashi roughly means "the reverse side of Arashi", and the purpose of the segment is for people to ask Arashi questions about anything at all-- world mysteries, puzzles, "why is it like that?!" questions... as long as the fans ask, Arashi will answer. The questions will be collected into a box and Arashi will pick the slips of paper out of it during their Ura Arashi corner.

You can participate through three methods: by entering through Arashi's site on J-web, through Johnny's Family Club, or through snail mail. The deadline for all questions is July 1st, 2006. If anyone living in Japan is seriously considering mailing in questions, there's a form that you have to fill out, and you can click on the link below to view it (as well as the mail address):

Nevermind, I completely forgot that it's already July in Japan XD Either way, the link to the official site is here:

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