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Arashi Ray July Issue Taiwan Version!

  Hi all! this is the first time im doing translation! Yorishiku Onegaishimasu! Special shoutout to shuu38  for helping me throughout! Please comment too! Starting from my Ichibans! :)

AIBA <3: When it comes to summer date, the first thing that comes into everyone’s mind is a beach date, but, I love attending festival activities. Whenever it’s the festival period, I would wear my yukata, if the date would also show up on the date wearing the yukata, it would be best (laughs). When it comes to festivals, I would think of Mikoshi, and i like to carry the Mikoshi or just follow the parade. If a girl were to carry the Mikoshi it would be really dangerous, so she can watch me from a distance and accompany me throughout the parade, that would be enough. This is my ideal type of girlfriend.

I like girls who wears jumpsuits. I also have a number of jumpsuits. The jumpsuits I like aren’t the ones that I always wear in Tensai Shimura Dōbutsuen but those that are loose jumpsuits. However, if I am wearing a jumpsuit, I would hope that my girlfriend to not wear it too. Its not because I disapprove couple clothes, but I just feel that couple jumpsuits are just too eye catching. There is no need to announce to everyone that we’re a couple. We just need to wear clothes that are of a similar style. Besides that, wearing jumpsuits for a zoo date, I would be embarrassed, because im afraid that people say that I look like a kid (laughs). If it’s a stay home date, I would most certainly choose to wear woollen knitwear. It because I love to wear clothes that are woollen and I would usually wear clothes made from this material. Surprising, woollen knitwear is easily matched with any types of clothes. If I were to go to a convenience store, woollen knitwear would be a good choice. Although I said a lot about my views on clothing styles, even if I have a girlfriend, I would not dare to criticise or comment on her dressing style. I wouldn’t restrict her from wearing any types of clothes. I would hope that she dress according to occasions and is willing to experiment different styles. Mainly she cannot be over girly. Even if she is wearing a post boy hat or a t-shirt, as long as the entire outfit looks and feels comfortable, it would be quite cute too! After all she is my Genji generation; she would like to wear shorts (laughs).

Junnosuke! <3: When it comes to summer dates… where should I go? Eh~ It should be the beach! Drive my girlfriend to the seaside, get down the car and take a stroll by the beach or change into our swim wear and swim in the sea would be nice. If theres a boat, we could also go surfing? Basically I am not the type of person who is good at arranging the schedule but it’s a date with a girl I like, I would try my best to think and would definitely arrange some interesting schedule. While dating, if the girl brought her handmade lunch, I would be really happy. The scene and atmosphere for a couple picnicking whould make one to be super touched. Besides that, we could also stay in the car to listen to some music. If she brought an MP3 player and said to me “Today I hope that the both of us can listen to music together, that why I brought this. Do you want to listen to some music?”, I think my heart might just palpitate insanely (laughs). In terms of the clothes the girl wear to the date, I would hope that she wears long pants or jumpsuit and not wear skirts. When we’re playing at the beach, its not suitable for her to wear skirts. I would chose a t-shirt matched with jeans and slippers or something casual, anything that is comfortable. Don’t have to wear until too formal, because I wouldn’t want to overdress too. If there is a firework or festival in the vicinity, if the both of us could change into yukata it would be a good idea too. We could place our stuff into the back of the car and set out together to buy yukata, and love might just blossom. We could help each other chose a yukata, this feel like fun, I would definitely buy it for her as a gift…….. i have to buy it right (laughs). All in all, I hope that nature runs its own course and just be like normal.

I am certainly willing to accompany a girl to go shopping and certainly don’t feel like it’s a hassle. I am a person who can go on shopping dates. Usually a girl’s shopping time is very long and if I can use this opportunity to accompany her and look at different types of products, this is also considered fun. If she asks me “Which one should I choose?”, I would seriously help her to choose. I think helping a girl choose clothes is a very tough thing to do but because I have never done it before, I am very interested to try it out!

Oh-chan!: I am greedier, I hope for a beach & festival date at the same time. If there is a beach, I can bring fireworks. The two of us would be holding sparklers, while playing it we would also be chatting, isn’t this image romantic? When I was young, I always participated in the festivals organized by my neighborhood. While attending these festivals, the thing I want most is shaved ice with lots of fruits with caramel on top. Maybe its because its frozen, that’s why it tasted extremely delicious. If I were to bring my girlfriend to attend such festival, I would definitely buy frozen caramel shaved ice for her to eat. But, if she didn’t say that she would want to attend such festival, I would not have taken the initiative to invite her (laughs). But if it’s a first date with my girlfriend, I would feel that its better to be more humble. For example, window shopping then going for food only when we’re hungry and then continue strolling around afterwards. Even if she didn’t take special care to doll up herself, it is okay. I feel that casual and natural outfits are better than wearing dresses. If I were to have a girlfriend, there certainly would be situations where my heart would palpitate right? I wouldn’t know what to do at these times. But, if it’s the two of us meeting up to go shopping, we can go shopping together separately. Then when its time for us to meet up, I will go to look for her only to see that she is standing in front of a huge soft toy, keep looking at the soft toy, deliberating if she should buy the soft toy or not. I love it when I see girls with such an expression. Even if I buy for her she will say something like, “ Ah, nevermind, its okay…..” (laughs). Actually a man understands what a woman is thinking!
Other than that, I also love to go on a fishing date. If it is during winter, I would buy specialized anti-cold outerwear for her. If its in the summer, I would hope that she shows up in simple tshirt and jeans, so that even if its dirty, it would be okay. But, if she turns up wearing a dress, I would also think shes very cute because it shows that shes places a lot of importance for this date. Isnt woven bags in trend now? If she made lunch and placed it in the woven bag, it would be better, its would be like a picnic date. Eating the temaki that my girlfriend made while being on the boat would be no doubt, sweet & delicious.

SHO-KUN!: Isn’t a so-called date one that no matter what you do, you will feel happy? But if in summer, I would like to go to Yatsugatake, the weather there should be very refreshing and comfortable, we can play tennis or go for mountain trekking. A date that is in the nature sounds interesting. When im driving, my date sitting in the passenger seat would be asleep right? I think during the time I would play some music for her to listen…. This feeling should be not bad right? My date would definitely feel that I am a trustworthy person. Compared to letting a girl fall in love with me naturally, I prefer to take the initiative to create a romantic atmosphere to let her feel touched (laughs). Because we’re going to a summer holiday destination, I would hope that my date would wear a dress or stripe clothes. If it’s too revealing it will make my heart palpitate insanely, I will feel quite bothered. If she happens to sleep while she’s sitting beside me, and she’s wearing a mini skirt, I really wouldn’t know what to do (laughs). So, don’t be too revealing, it’s best that she add an outer wear.

When participating a festival, even if she said to me, “I’ll be wearing a yukata, I hope that you can wear it too!”, I will feel that I won’t do it. Indeed, a girl wearing a yukata is very cute. But if its me wearing a yukata, I would feel embarrassed. I think I would wear slippers, shorts and a t-shirt! The most important part of my dressing is the watches I wear. Each of my watch has its own significance to me, it is all bought to reward myself. If I hope that I want to win my date’s heart, I would seriously choose a watch to match my outfit.

I think going on a date in Cosmo world is a good idea too. Although I don’t really dare to play those too exciting games, but if my date says that she want to play, I would still accompany her! But, the cable car is too high and I am afraid of heights so it’s a definite no (laughs). Basically, all the rides in an amusement park is very high, I think its better to not go there (laughs)! I think going for a date at the park next to the Ooyamabashi (Oyama Bridge) is also a good idea. A few days ago we went out on location, the scenery is super beautiful. If it was a date, even if we go strolling it would still be very sweet!

Ninomiya-san: My imagination is more vivid than others. So, even if its an unrequited love, I would still be happy. Because in my imaginary world, on my first date I would have already gone strolling hand in hand with the girl (laughs). During the date, everything would be going smoothly and there would be nothing we wouldn’t talk about. However, the above is purely based on my own imagination and right up till now, everything that is described has not happened before. So, I would not actually take the initiation to tell a girl, “Please be my girlfriend”. If I really have a girlfriend, I would definitely constantly think of what to do. If it’s one sided love, even if there is a lot of people around, it wouldn’t matter and it would be enough for me to just keep on looking at her , because I wouldn’t need to worry about others noticing my gaze. On the other hand, if its just the two of us, I am afraid that I wouldn’t know what to do (laughs). If I am going on a summer date with my imagined ideal girlfriend, I would want to go to the beach. But I don’t like to wear those clothes that would, because of sweat, sticky and wet, so I don’t think I would go for a walk on the beach. If so, I might as well change into swim wear. However, there would be a lot of people at the seaside right? If so, people would get to see the way I look when im wearing swim wear. Forget it, I think that I wouldn’t go to the beach for a date in the day, I’ll only go during the night (laughs). We have to set off fireworks! At a quiet beach in the middle of the night, my girlfriend and I would hold a fireworks party. Isn’t this romantic? During this time, I would hope that my girlfriend would wear clothes that are comfortable and suitable for activities. Because I would want to play with fireworks, I hope that she would wear comfortable shoes. Wearing high heels to a date, guys would definitely feel happy but if it’s a beach date, I hope that she wears slippers.
Besides that I discovered that there is quite a number of guys who likes girls who wear the yukata. However, my imagination is a little different from others. Compared to yukata, I prefer the hairstyle that girls have while wearing the yukata. When girls wear the yukata, she would tie up her hair and I find it very beautiful. The entire hair bun would be very nice and princess styled hair would also be a good look. I am a person who don’t like to go out. If I have to go out for a date, even if the girl don’t wear a yukuta or doll up, it wouldn’t matter. If it’s a home date would I prefer the girl to doll up? If she does that I would be very happy. But if she personally cooks a meal for me, I would be happier.

Here are the scans! Please enjoy!
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