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Arashi Annivesary Present: LIFE Translation

Have you ever heard a song which instantly makes you feel like its talking to you?
Well, recently I accidentally heard "LIFE" (yeah, delayed, I know >.<) and I just KNEW that I had to have it!
After playing it on repeat for days and since I got bored studying, I decided to translate it to share with everyone one of the (many, many) reasons why we love Arashi, their beautiful songs~♥
When else to share this than on their Anniversary? ^^;
(Happy Anniversary Arashi~ and to everyone else, Have a Wonderful Arashi-filled day today ^^;)

Since it's a translation, I don't have any caps.. But to lure you in once again, I'm including a link to this GIF!
(WHY this .gif? Because other than their beautiful lyrics, I wanted to celebrate their Dork side too XD)

♫ The most important thing is reason for our smiles~ ♪ )

♪ taisetsu na mono wa sore zore no egao no riyuu~ ♫ )

Need everyone's help = Polls m(_ _)m )

(x-posted to arashi_on )

Edit: Totally forgot the color rule! m(_ _)m changed it..)
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