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[Download + Subbed ] Making Of Hatenai Sora Ver. 2

I know there's another earlier version of this Making Of has been posted. Just in case you want a different subbing version, Im here to offer you that.

20/11/20 - MF links added! =D
The quality is - mixed. There are certain parts where the video seems that MQ/LQ. My experience as an encoder is that suck =X
Oh. I really can't upload the video to MF, so if there's anyone out there who's willing to provide mirror is very welcome. ^,^
No worry. I don't have any rule about sharing this video but just one - Please don't sell it. After all, sharing is caring =D
And sorry. I can't provide softsub for this. It's a time & effort consuming, well.. if you know what I mean. *,O

Thanks to jliann  |Liann| for giving me permission to use her translation. Give her lotsa of ♥♥♥♥ *You don't have to be sorry, I owe you so much for translating it~ ;D

password: kawaiibangs

Do enjoy. *,*

If you have any problem with the link, notice me, I am & still try to re-upload, but maybe the link will up on few days. I have some works to deal with in RL atm. ^,^
MF links added~! 
lol. ok. LJ's cutting my post again. Geez... X(
Tags: video (subtitled - english)

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