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Most recent Johnny's International Email

As has been mentioned before, Johnny's is finally recognizing international fans. Their recent email has given all Arashi fans hope that perhaps someday, tickets to their concerts will be made available! Granted, this email is about the KinKi Kids, but there is hope at the end! :)

Here is a cut from it::

@ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @
1. Jticket International (trial version) OPEN!
@ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @ *** @

Do you want to spend your New Year holiday in Japan to join Johnnys concert? Concert
Jimukyoku is now OPEN the "Jticket International" (trial version) for overseas fans to
request tickets on KinKi Kids concert!

Show Title: KinKi Kids CONCERT TOUR 2010-2011
Venue: Tokyo Dome
Show Date&Time:
>>Thu, Dec 30, 2010 5:30pm
>>Fri, Dec 31, 2010 5:30pm

For details, visit Jticket International (trial version) official HP:

Please note that this is a trial version for overseas fans to use. We are providing ticket
for the above TWO shows ONLY. Tickets for other Johnnys artists or Johnnys events are
not yet determined.

The last is emphasis mine. :) Hopefully, if this first outing proves successful, Johnny's may open up tickets to Arashi concerts to international fans! Wouldn't that be awesome? *crossing fingers and toes!*
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