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ARASHIC tour MC summary - July 9th

Uh... I did this for awhile last year too, then I sort of got lazy ^^; But anyway! There're a couple of Chinese blogs out there that gives reports of the MC talks that went on in Arashi's concerts, and since I already translated most of this for a friend yesterday, I figured I'd post it here too. So here's the MC report from the first show they had on July 9th-- I'll get to the report for the second show in a sec.


Hokkaido - July 9th (1st show)

- Sho, Aiba and Nino sang Caramel Song together, and at one point Nino messed up his lyrics.

- Ohno choreographed the dances for Carnival Night part 2 and Ready to Fly, and they were all complaining about it. Everyone agreed that it was too hard; Aiba thought the last part was too tiring, because they had to keep dancing as they moved around. Sho and Jun complained that they were the ones on the furthest ends, and so had to keep that up the longest-- Nino said that even though he was okay since he stood in the middle and didn't have to do much, he didn't like that he had to wait so long for everyone to move over to where he was standing.

- They then mentioned their recent G no Arashi episode, with the Aiba Sugoroku game. It was brought about when everyone began to discuss how much Aiba was sweating, and how his clothes were all damp. Sho said that after a little while they would be able to see his nipples, which Aiba denied. They also mentioned that they were worried at first since they thought they would lose a lot of fans because of their show, since lately they were always wearing stockings over their heads, and wore nipple shirts... at one point, Ohno pointed out that Sho's nipples were sticking out, and Nino quickly apologized because there were kids in the audience, and told the parents to cover their children's ears.

- They also mentioned their new movie, and how they had recently finished filming. There was a period of time where they didn't see each other, and then when they did, they discovered that Jun had long hair all of a sudden. Jun tried to explain that it wasn't just him whose hair grew longer, and that his was just longer than everyone else's, but Aiba began to mention that if your hair was always dirty, it tends to grow faster... at which Jun promptly kicked him.

- The topic got around to sleeptalking during their trip to Hawaii 2-3 years ago. Ohno said that Sho talks a lot in his sleep, and gave an example. Him and Sho were sharing the same room, and for some reason he woke up at six in the morning, and heard Sho muttering "go wake Aiba-kun up" in his sleep. Sho then imitated how Ohno wakes up in the morning, and added that Ohno laughs in his sleep.

- Aiba asked everyone if they had heard about this famous curry soup thing in Hokkaido, and everyone except Jun replied that they knew about it, even though they actually didn't. In the end, they had to ask the audience about it. Aiba didn't want to talk about the curry thing anymore, so Nino suggested playing hide and seek, at which Jun said they shouldn't since they already had a 26 year old person in their group. Ohno complained that he was only 25, and that he still really wanted to play, but since it was still daytime they didn't actually play. At some point before the MC ended, they also made Aiba do impersonations of Hard Gay and his Italian Cannon thing.

- During the Ura Arashi corner (in which fans send in questions and they have to answer), the first question was "Is there a method for guys to exchange numbers with one another?" Aiba said that he's very "shining" (he said this in English, btw) so he wouldn't ask, at which Sho yelled at him and told him "shining" means to shine, so Aiba changed it to "shy". In the end, Aiba and Sho wouldn't ask, Jun would use meeting up for food as an excuse for their number, Nino would just ask for it, and Ohno never really answered, but gave a funny little anecdote. He said that if he was asked for his phone number during work, he'd say that he'd give it to them after work was finished, but when the time comes he'd forget and leave.

- The other question was "How do you ask a girl your age for their phone number?" This time, they acted out their answers to the question, and each person would grab another member to be the girl in their skit. Nino chose Jun to be the girl. First, he asked Jun where he usually goes to eat, to which Jun replied that he goes to Sapporo. Nino then tells him that he lives really close to Sapporo, and maybe next time they should meet up for a few drinks, and so asked for Jun's number. Everyone began to point things out afterwards... such as the fact that Nino lived nowhere near Sapporo, and that he doesn't like to drink either. Nino explained that he would first try to find a common topic, and it doesn't matter if he lies or not.

- Sho chose Ohno, but he couldn't get the topic around to asking for Ohno's phone number, so he gave up.

- Aiba chose Nino, and first asked if Nino wanted to go out for drinks, but Nino refused. He then asked if Nino wanted to go out for dinner, and Nino refused again. So finally Aiba said that if they get the time they should meet up for food sometime, and "Then we'll call each other! Ah! But I don't know your phone number~" and that would be how he gets the phone number. Nino said afterwards that if it was him and Aiba did that to him, he wouldn't give his number out. But Jun said if it was him, he would give Aiba his number.

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