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ARASHIC tour MC summary - July 9th pt 2

Huh, this didn't take as long as I thought XD Anyway, here's the MC report from the second show on their first day of the tour!


Hokkaido - July 9th (2nd show)

- Once again, they mentioned that Carnival Night part 2 and Ready to Fly were choreographed by Ohno. Apparently, he had choreographed stuff for Jrs. before, but this is the first time he choreographed something for the other members. He was very scared about choreographing for the others, because the Jrs. would obediently learn and do whatever he tells them to, but Arashi would complain as they learn, especially Jun. In the dance, Ohno also instructed everyone to smile at a certain part, and Sho noted that it was the first time he ever saw someone choreographing to the point of even directing facial expressions.

- Ohno said that he burst out laughing hysterically when he heard Carnival Night part 2 for the first time, because the background vocals that go "C-A-R-N-I-V-A-L NIGHT" were originally supposed to be "sui-kin-chi-ka-moku-do-ten-mei-kai" (no idea why that's so funny though). They then sang that part to demonstrate, with the original lyrics instead of what it is now.

- Next, they started talking about their pickup songs. Sho said that his song originally had an English name, but somehow, without him realizing, it was changed to "Cho Cho Arigatou", and he still doesn't know why they had to change the name. It was Aiba who explained that it was really just because there were too many English titles in their album tracklist.

- Aiba's song title was originally "Himitsu no Eyes", and it was changed to "Secret Eyes" without his knowledge too. Sho then enviously said that they had upgraded Aiba's tune.

- Nino's favourite song on the album is "Runaway Train", because the people playing the instruments for this song are all very famous foreign musicians. He tried really hard to explain just how famous those people are, but everyone's reactions were very indifferent.

- Nino mentioned that he got a credit card for the first time ever, because it was required while he was living in a hotel in America. The others then said that they had all sent emails to Nino while he was in America, but Ohno's was the only one that Nino never received. Ohno insisted that when he sent the email he definitely received a message that said the mail was successfully sent, so Aiba suggested that maybe the email had piled up with others in the telecommunication center in Hollywood (wtf Aiba XD) and never got sent out.

- They then talked about Jun's movie (Bokuimo). Sho was the only one who had a younger sister, so everyone asked whether he would have feelings for her, to which he vehemently denied and said it was impossible, because his sister looked just like him. Then everyone asked Aiba if he would have feelings for his younger brother, and he replied that even though he really likes his younger brother, he wouldn't have feelings for him. Aiba mentioned that he had called his younger brother just a couple of days ago and gave the phone to Ohno to talk, who then asked Aiba's brother if he wanted to backdance for him for his solo.

- That same day (two days ago), the five of them went and watched Sho's movie together in a theatre that they had booked entirely for themselves to watch. When they got back and told the staff that the five of them had gone to watch together, the staff members were very surprised at the level of closeness they had with one another.

- When Aiba and Sho were referring to one another, they used "Masaki" and "Sho" all of a sudden. Sho then said that in the entire seven years since they've debuted as a group, this was the first time he used "Masaki" to refer to Aiba.

- When they began talking about everyone's individual work/projects, they mentioned Nino's movie and when it was supposed to come out. Jun easily replied with the date, and even he was really surprised that he knew about the other members' work. Sho explained that Jun basically knows everyone's schedules.

- Hokkaido is famous for Genghis Khan (Mongolian-style yakiniku), and they all really wanted to go and eat some. But since their concert rehearsal stretched on until 1 AM in the morning, the staff members told them they weren't allowed to leave the hotel, and to order room service instead. Of course they weren't going to let it go, so they stood in front of the staff and sang "Genghis~ Genghis~ Genghis Khan~" together until the staff finally relented and took them all out at 1 AM to eat.

- The question from the Ura Arashi corner for this show was "Something about the other members that you can finally say you're not used to seeing", and everyone wrote that it would be Nino's baldness.

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