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Shop Photo Scans 08

Whooo~! Here's another batch of my promised weekly shop photos scans that I'm posting all throughout November~! Despite it being Ohno's birthday today and technically the last full week of November, I'll also be posting once again on Monday the 29th (in celebration for my birthday~!)

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure where all these shop photos belong ^^;; Some are from AAA08 and some are from the Johnny's New Year's Countdown (no idea from when though) and for all I know... Some could be from Ohno's wedding birthday cake~! *bricked*

There are 22 shop photos with the size ~ 2960x2060 (landscape) and 2050x2950 (portrait) [w00t~!]
The size of the file is 35.1MB   

As always, download links as well as previews can be found in MY LIVEJOURNAL ENTRY

Scanning credits go to me, corlee1289 <3  Please don't reupload or repost without my permission~!

Comments are always loved by me~! *HUGS* TOTAL! give corlee1289 more * (click on the link to give me hugs~!)

Incidentally, Christmas is around the corner and I bought a whole bunch of Christmas cards~! Does anyone want me to send them Christmas cards this year? You don't have to be my LJ friend to get one, all I ask is that you send one to me as well. If you're interested, please
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