Quỳnh Phương (saobang2211) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Quỳnh Phương

[Perf] 2010.12.04 FNS Arashi Hatenai Sora + love rainbow[1280x720][engsub + kara]

finish all^^
i feel my eye seem cant see ^^
fell so exiced and this still in my heart when i see this more and more ^^
hope you like this
raw from youtube, so not good ^^ i will make another ver when i have better raw ^^
hope you like my work ^^
Hatenai sora

I will sub better ver when i have TS file in jpopsuki ^^
Download in MY LJ

Love rainbow

Download in MY LJ

comments are welcome^^
Tags: video (subtitled - english)

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