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ARASHIC tour MC summary - July 16th

I know jeantler already posted a translation of fan reports of the two shows at Hiroshima, but I figured I'd go ahead and keep translating these things anyway, since there're a few points that weren't touched on, or weren't elaborated further. So if you're interested, click on the cut!


Hiroshima - July 16th (1st show)

- Everyone asked when Ohno thought of the choreography to CARNIVAL NIGHT part 2, and he replied that he thought it up while he was on the train. Even though he's an idol, he rides the train frequently and even has a commuter pass. He also mentioned that a couple of days ago the train stopped for an hour due to thunder and lightning, so he had to wait a whole hour like that for the train to start again.

- Though CARNIVAL NIGHT part 2 was choreographed by Ohno, the other members yelled at him for messing up the dance steps too. Sho then said that because this show took place a whole week after their previous one, he was uneasy because he wasn't sure if he would remember all of his dance steps. Aiba suggested that whoever that messed up their dancing should raise their hands. Everyone insisted that they didn't mess up, so only Ohno slowly raised his hand, despite the fact that Sho and Nino had also messed up elsewhere (for Sho, it was during Lucky Man). They asked him where he messed up, and he replied that it was in Kitto Daijoubu [T/N: the first song of the con set list], so everyone yelled at him for already messing up when the concert had just begun. Ohno explained that it was because he saw Sho stirring up the fans, so he got excited along with them and messed up.

- Next, they talked about each person's reaction to messing up a dance step. Everyone agreed that Aiba would pretend that he didn't mess it up. He uses an alternate dance step to allow himself to move back a bit, so he can watch the other members and think of the next steps to the choreography. He's also the worst one out of the entire group at launching up onto the stage from beneath it (eg. the same move they did during JAM from Iza, Now con). They got Nino to demonstrate the correct way, which he did perfectly and everyone praised him for. He then said that it only looks good when there's an audience; when he jumps out during the rehearsal, the staff would just go "Okay! Next." and it feels very meaningless to him. Then they got Aiba to demonstrate the wrong way to jump out.

- They mentioned Jun's movie-- it seems that the movie opens with a bed scene? Everyone seemed very interested when they asked just when the main character discovered he had feelings for the girl, since they were siblings.

- They also mentioned Nino's Hollywood movie; when Nino was in LA and the other four were remaining, they were very unaccustomed to it. They even likened the feeling to when Aiba had to stay in the hospital when he got pneumothorax. Sho mentioned that Aiba had left the hospital briefly to sing Nice na Kokoroiki on UTABAN, but his condition was clearly not 'nice' at all.

- Aiba's drama SP was also discussed, with everyone asking him if it was a drama that involved animals. Aiba replied that it was a very normal character-- when he got married, he was working at a place that sold down blankets, and quit the job after he got married. But only his wife knew about the quitting; the rest of their family didn't know about it. Sho said that it wasn't a normal character at all, but added that he would definitely watch.

- They also mentioned that the Making of Aozora Pedal DVD that comes with one of their limited edition singles will be 30 minutes long. (omfg YES. *cough*)

- In Ura Arashi, they were asked about the senpai/kouhai relations in Johnny's. There's no such thing within the group itself, so everyone arranged themselves according to the period they joined Johnny's Jimusho, and also danced to a hard-to-forget song from when they were Jrs. Ohno said that his dancing was praised by Johnny, so he happily continued to dance in front of him. Sho, on the other hand, didn't want to be seen by people from school, so whenever he went on TV shows he would ask the choreographer to arrange for him to be at the back.

- They then talked about their first impressions of one another when they were Jrs. There was one time when Aiba and Sho were interviewed together, and Aiba said that at the time Sho had a very fierce look in his eyes. Everyone started mentioning how Sho used to get angry really easy, and gave examples to prove it. When Aiba, Jun, Nino and Sho went to LA with Takki (the same shoot from Sugao 2), they were on the street when Jun saw a very interesting-looking billboard and started laughing, but got yelled at by Sho for it. Sho explained that at the time he had thought Jun was looking at his face and laughing, which was why he got angry at him. Nino mentioned that the first senpai who ever yelled at him was Sho-kun; Nino and another Jr. had finished eating but didn't clean up after themselves, so Sho went over and yelled at Nino about it. Ohno's story didn't actually have anything to do with Sho getting angry-- he talked about how one time Sho watched porn the entire night when the two of them stayed over in a hotel together, then constantly talked about the storylines in those movies with Ohno the next day, despite the fact that Ohno didn't really want to hear about it.

- The next question asked them about how it felt to wear stockings, so they decided to play a game, and whoever that lost had to wear a stocking over their head and sing the next song like that. Jun lost, and despite protesting vehemently Ohno and Nino helped him pull the stocking over his head. After the song was over, Jun added that even though he sang the new song in that fashion, he still hoped everyone would go and buy their new single XD

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