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ARASHIC tour MC summary - July 16th pt 2

Are you guys tired of me yet? XD Anyway, here's the translation of the MC report of their second show at Hiroshima. Have fun reading!


Hiroshima - July 16th (2nd show)

- At the very beginning of the MC all five of them started complaining that it was very hot, so the fans took their uchiwas and started fanning them. Jun ran over to a spot that was the closest to the fans and ordered them to fan him, so the others started joking about how he was like a king ordering his servants around XD

- They got to Hiroshima two nights before the concert date, and discussed UTABAN details until 1 AM. They then started asking each other what they did later on that night. Nino updated his Game Nikki, and then played Tetris since he couldn't fall asleep, and ended up playing from 1 AM til 4:30 AM. Jun watched the 24Jikan Terebi that Nakai (of SMAP) hosted, so Sho asked him if he had recorded it since he wanted to watch too, but Jun didn't. Ohno said that he had slept for too long on the flight to Hiroshima, so he couldn't fall asleep until 4 AM. He originally wanted to have a nightlight on while he slept, but he couldn't figure out how to work the lighting system in the room and ended up turning off all the lights. Everyone then agreed that the lighting at the hotel they stayed at were very hard to use.

- They then asked whether or not each member would keep their lights on when sleeping. Ohno, Jun and Sho would turn on nightlights, while Nino would turn everything off-- not because he hates nightlights, but simply because it's a waste of money XD Then everyone talked about how it's no wonder he was the richest member in Arashi. Their salaries are actually pretty much the same, but Nino has the most money since he's very frugal. When they asked Aiba whether or not he sleeps with lights on, he replied that he would turn on the TV, and got yelled at by everyone for having such a strange habit XD He instead asked everyone whether or not they had the guts to go to the washroom in a pitch black room, and whether or not they would stumble while walking because of their clothing, but everyone just told him to put away his clothes properly.

- Playing soccer-related video games is currently very popular within the group right now; Aiba even brought his entire PS2 system along with him to Hiroshima. Sho called Aiba during the night and told him he was going over to play games with him, and then when he entered Aiba's room he found that Aiba had the volume up way high. Nino began to complain that Aiba had called him on the phone and asked if he wanted to play games with him before, and told Nino to bring a controller with him too, but when the time came Aiba didn't ask him over to play at all. Sho then told Nino that he had to take the initiative like him XD Aiba explained that it was because they didn't get off work until 1:30 AM, so he figured it was too late and didn't ask Nino over. Plus, according to Aiba, if Nino had brought his controller then he should've just told him, to which Nino insisted that he thought all along that Aiba would give him a call and ask him over.

- Ohno and Aiba's brother had talked on the phone awhile ago, and at the time Ohno had asked Aiba's brother if he wanted to go to their concerts and backdance for them. When Aiba got home, his brother went and told him all about it. Aiba told the other members not to say these kinds of things to his brother, because then his entire family would want to go on stage XD While on the subject of younger brothers, Sho mentioned that he hadn't seen his own brother for a very long time, and when he did see him he realized with a shock that his brother had suddenly grown much bigger, and apparently grew up even faster than Sho did.

- When they were Jrs. they had a discussion about what kind of profession their fathers had. Aiba said that his father was the chef of a Chinese food restaurant, and Nino said his dad was an instructor at a culinary school. Jun had answered at the time that his father... made eggs XD Of course everyone didn't understand what he was saying, and Johnny-san even made a remark about it: "Is your father a rooster or something?!" They now know that it was actually an egg manufacturing-related job.

- Next they talked about Nino's movie. Nino thinks that Watanabe Ken would probably be able to attend award ceremonies overseas as a nominee, and he plans to tag along with him XD Then the other four decided to tag along too, with Ohno saying he would get to the hall first and wait for them there. Nino said that he would sit beside Watanabe, and the instant he hears that Watanabe had won the award, he would act out an even more excited expression than Watanabe's XD

- They then talked about the theme song for Nino's movie, and everyone said that they should use an Arashi song for the theme song. Sho suggested Sunrise Nippon as a good choice to represent Japan, and wanted Nino to go negotiate for them, but Nino said he didn't have the authority to do such a thing. They got to the topic of using the lyrics from their Fight Song, and even wanted to take it upon themselves to put "Iwo-Jima", "Even Watanabe Ken-san couldn't stop praising this", and similar words in the side label that comes with the CD XD They also wanted to do the theme song for Jun's movie, but Jun said that it's better to use a female vocal for that type of movie, and it was already decided that they would use a song by Crystal Kay. Everyone then insisted that maybe they could do a duet similar to the one that V6 and SES did before, so Arashi can sing the theme song.

- Speaking of Sunrise Nippon, Sho said that awhile ago he saw their limited edition version (with the frisbee-like style) on sale for 150 yen at a music store, and felt sad when he saw it. Jun then said that his family had even asked him before, "Can we throw that orange frisbee?"

- Aiba's drama special was actually done filming half a year ago. They were originally scripted to have a child, but when the filming started that got taken out of the storyline.

- The details of the PV for their new single were thought up by Nino, and then they got a director to help shoot it. Aiba said that this PV was his favourite out of all the PVs that Arashi has ever done, but then got teased by Nino, who said this was also the PV that Aiba got the least screen time in to date.

- In their Ura Arashi corner, they were asked what kind of job they would want to devote themselves to. Aiba changed the question to, "If you're not in the entertainment business, what kind of job would you want to do?" Nino used to want to be a professional baseball player when he was young, but he knew it was impossible, so he changed it to salaryman. Jun would want to be a concert staff member, so everyone said that the next time the other members held solo cons, they would ask Jun to be part of the staff XD Sho would want to be a soccer player, Ohno would want to open a bakery, and Aiba wanted to start an IT business. When everyone asked him what he wanted to do with the IT business, he replied that he wanted to earn lots of money and buy his own house, then got yelled at by the others, who said that earning money and buying a house doesn't need to have anything to do with IT businesses (ie. he could get a job in any other profession and still have the potential to earn money and buy a home) XD

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