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All these times when ppl were all ' i like I Want Somebody or Raise Your Hands or whatever song in Arashic, i'd be like wanting to punch the monitor and everything. Reason: mine hvnt arrived!! do u know how it feels when u felt left behind??? i refused to hear the samples n it's DAMN hard to resist (but i somehow mange to...*proud~!*) BUT!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!.......*touched*

yeah, i know... i just got my cd today??? how pathetic!!! but no matter!!!! i have it now!!!! with ugly box wrapping with a lil tore which give me a peek at the cd and everything!!!!...too bad i cant open it now, hv to wait for my sister to come back home...*patient, sinta patient*

okay! enufff with my crapping n stuff!! ja ne! ^^


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