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Aiba Masaki Mission Bartender + Music Station Arashi cut

or something like that...I don't really remember the exact name, but you can guess it's the special where Aiba Masaki meets many "masters of mature drinking" who teach him the ways to enjoy drinking...in order to prepare him for the new drama Bartender. I'll try to post the drama as well when it starts ( if some kind soul decides to upload it on tudou, of course!) so, in the meantime, enjoy!

(do you like my new Aiba icon? I can't wait for it to start! :-P)

plus a little bonus: yesterday's Music Station, only Arashi cut because it was like a special ranking...

Here, at my journal!
and Himitsu no Arashi chan 2011.01.13, with Miyazato Ai and Matsuko Deluxe, HQ, here.

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