noka (misoyo) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Free GANTZ ticket

HI I have two tickets. Does anyone want to go together??  My bf has work this Thursday (probably) so I decided I should take a real true fan to show support for Nino! SO I'm giving away a ticket. You don't have to pay me for it but I would like to keep both souvenirs that came with the purchase of the ticket, that's all, cuz I promised a friend one.  Anyway, leave a message if you are interested in going. It's this Thursday starting at 4:30pm.  I would prefer to go with someone my age is a secret hahah.  Leave a comment/message with your age.

Also I'll be streaming live feeds from Mann's Chinese Theater via my tumblr or facebook so feel free to add me and receive live updates:

I'm so excited for this red carpet event!! I saw Matsujun a few years ago at his premier at USC in LA and now Nino! :)


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