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Against the Gantz dubbing? Round Two: Our hopes for Part 2!


Okay, I hope all of you who were fortunate enough to see the screenings in America have had a good weekend luxuriating in the bliss of all that Nino on a 30-foot screen. Nino is always a lot of handle, so it probably took a while to recover. But are you ready to talk dubbing once more?

FIRST OF ALL, I obviously think we should be writing to say "Please release Gantz: Part 2 as well! If you release it, I will be there!" I don't at all mean this as an totally negative post, this entire roll-out of Gantz in the United States has been shockingly amazing. ♥

But again I've seen a lot of people (in addition to myself), dissatisfied with the dubbing of the film. Whether in the theater as a fan of the actors, the manga/anime, or just Japanese cinema, I've heard a lot of complaints about it. However this time we have another vocal supporter and that would be one Ninomiya Kazunari during the follow-up Q & A after the film. As yuminami translated, "So. . . in those areas/parts. . . we'd like you to hear our voices next time." In the L.A. only section he stated even more strongly (as translated by his interpreter so not 100% accurate), "If there's interest from you guys, of course I'd like to do it. The people who did it already did a great job but I feel like we put a lot of passion, a lot of heat into our acting and I'd love to see that come through with our own voices. So yeah, one way or another, again if there's interest, I'll do my best." So yeah, I feel like I have to give my best to make that happen! Even if the effort is unsuccessful, I at least want to show my support for that wish. If you'd like to try to get his voice heard here and have the film presented in its intended format, here are the addresses of the companies responsible for shepherding Gantz's release in the United States:

There are addresses for both letters and e-mails. I'm not sure what's most effective so you can do one or both or whatever suits you. :)

This should probably be the primary place to contact, as they are actually in charge of the dubbing process:
VIZ Pictures, Inc.
c/o NEW PEOPLE unit
1746 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

(Taken from the contact page here.)

However this is the place distributing the movie in theaters so it's good to let them know you'd support a subbed film:
NCM Fathom
A division of National CineMedia
9110 East Nichols Ave, Suite 200
Centennial, CO 80112-3405

(Ot just use this contact form here to send an e-mail.)

EDIT: Thanks to captain_snen, we have more detailed information:

Here is contact info for real people:

NCM Fathom

Michelle Portillo, 303-792-8651

Goodman Media for NCM Fathom

Heath Fradkoff, 212-576-2700

Nicole Summer, 212-576-2700

MediaLab for NEW PEOPLE

Erik Jansen, 714-620-5017

Dark Horse Comics

Jeremy Atkins, 503-905-2315

buyme_arashi posted these here. I've worked in customer service a lot (including a film company, but it's all pretty much the same), and a lot of times those general info emails don't get checked a lot, so it's more effective to send it to real employees' addresses.

IN ADDITION: I think that captain_snen is totally right, a great place to show both your support for the movie, your hopes that Part 2 is also released and to register that you're against dubbing would be the the review page on Fandango. The majority of people there already seem to mention that the dub detracted from the film but it would be nice if there were even greater numbers saying they want to see it subbed vs dubbed. I think that's a very legitimate space that people from Viz might pay attention to. You can also just 'like' the reviews that you agree with. :)

Another thing we might want to draw attention to is any critical resources that mention they didn't like the dub. It looks better when a wide variety of people are all saying the same thing. So far I know the review at spoke against the dub, if you know any other examples I'd love to link them here.

As in all letter writing, we want to come off well so be polite! In mine, it's about a paragraph of honest thanks for both the opportunity they've given the film and for the really awesome event they put together for it. It's exceedingly rare that a Japanese film gets this kind of backing in the U.S. upon release and I'm honored that Gantz got that opportunity. My theater had no technical difficulties, the Q&A ran smoothly and I definitely think they deserve a lot of praise for putting this together. It's only then that I mention that I think the dubbing failed and did more to alienate the audience than to pull them in. I think it's still key to be honest: whether you are writing after seeing the film or if you haven't seen the film yet, what your personal reaction was (and maybe your perceived reaction of the theater you saw it in). Your message doesn't have to be more than a paragraph.

Here's the letter I've written them, although a still needs a round of editing (definitely for length and probably for my own politeness, I might not have emphasized my love enough XD) before I send it. Feel free to steal whatever you want and I'm sorry I'm not better at writing form letters!

One last thing, as hanasanai_yo pointed out, there are probably a number of people that either aren't comfortable or inclined to write their own letter but would be happy to sign something. Would there be interest in a form letter you could just sign your name to and then it could be sent all at once? Or a online petition site that you think is a good place to drum up support? (I was thinking of maybe Would anyone like to collaborate with me on writing a form letter and setting up a page there? It would be nice to have a non-Arashi related page to pimp out. Please feel free to share in the comments, I'd love more input and help!

Any further discussion will probably be moved to separate lj comm so we don't have to spam people with the issue. :) Obviously, also feel free to ignore this post! You may disagree, you might think dubbing isn't a big deal or even is beneficial or that this isn't worth complaining about and I respect that. For those of you who do want to see a change, feel free to use this space to brainstorm and please don't take anything I said as "right" or even necessarily "well-informed". :D Happy Gantz watching, whenever you get a chance to see the film!
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