~The Great Pretender~ (arimi_skywalker) wrote in a_ra_shi,
~The Great Pretender~

[Uploads] Honey and Clover Making of + Butai + Engimonos

[DVD] Honey and Clover (Movie Making) (568.40MB) is available to download at Himitsu in the Arashi section.

Also, the following butais/engimonos are already uploaded:

- [Engimono] Mitsuo (Ohno Satoshi + Yokoyama You)
- [Engimono] Mitsuo SP (making of)
- [Engimono] Katte ni Nostalgia SP (making of) (Ohno Satoshi)
- [Engimono] Aokisan Uchi no Okusan (Aiba Masaki + Sakurai Sho + Ohno Satoshi)
- [Engimono] Kuruu ga Mama (Aiba Masaki + Murakami Shingo [a.k.a Hina] from Kanjani8)
- [Butai] West Side Story [FanCam] (Sakurai Sho + Ohno Satoshi + Matsumoto Jun + Ikuta Tôma + Kazama Shunsuke + Toshin Yoshikazu + Yamashita Shoon)

They're in the Engimonos/Butais section (obviously *LOL*), so please, feel free to go there and take whatever you want ^o^

~ Arimi ~ (http://destined.to/himitsu / http://himitsu-updates/livejournal.com)

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