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Shop Photo Scans 15

OMFG! A shop photo batch release that's not celebrating anything?! rice

That's right!! Nothing whatsoever!! *uses subliminal messages via the emoticons* sake

Okay, maybe I lied... It's for me to pimp out the Bartender drama community where I'm one of the awesome mods bartender_drama *gets bricked by the other two mods* NG

There are 23 shop photos with the size ~ 5900x4100 (landscape) and 4080x5950 (portrait) [Bartender~!] 
The size of the file is 98.5MB

As always, previews and download links can be found in my LIVEJOURNAL ENTRY

Scanning credits go to me, corlee1289 <3  Please don't reupload or repost without my permission~!

However, you're free to make graphics (icons and banners) just make sure you stick a credit saying that they were scanned by me somewhere in your entry <3

Comments are always loved by me~! *HUGS* TOTAL! give corlee1289 more * (click on the link to give me hugs~!)
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