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ARASHIC Goods Orders For Singaporeans

Hi guys, I have a friend in Japan and she is willing to help me take orders for some goods sold at the Arashic Concerts.

I am only taking orders for Singaporeans because I am in Singapore. lol, so I am sorry about it. 
Prices are a little lower than at M-E.

I will need to collect the money before the goods are here though.
The mode of payment I would accept is meet up (it's the safest and it verifies our identities) or mailed money order.
Even so, when I need to pass you the stuff, I will still do meet up only . ^^"
I live in the West but I go to town every weekend, so it's quite easy to meet up with me.

For any enquiries, please email me at jinsyung4sophia@gmail.com
And then I will give you my handphone number and then you can sms me. =D

If you guys have already ordered items at M-E, (like I did x___X)
I will still do any Arashi orders from Japan anytime, in future.
So you can just sms me whenever you want to.

This is the list of things that I can help you buy.
They are all official goods, of course!
I don't do poster because the tubes are too troublesome. ^^;;

ALL Prices INCLUDE shipping already. They may be lowered if shipping is lesser than expected.

1. The Concert Phamplet (SGD$58)
2. Jumbo Uchiwa (SGD$17.50/set)
3. Clear file (SGD$16/set)
4. Original Photoset (SGD$16/set)


Uchiwa + File(beside the Uchiwa)
1 Uchiwa for each member
1 File for each member + 1 File for Arashi

Original Photosets (sets of 4)

I have previously done massive orders for Korean goods, so I am not new at this business. lol.
It may sound really dumb, but u can definitely trust me. I am a big Arashi fan myself. xD 

Thanks for taking the trouble to read it.


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