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ARASHIC tour MC summary - July 22

Most of this stuff is probably redundant by now, but I've translated it anyway for the sake of keeping up with the entire series of reports ^^; The two MCs for their July 23rd concerts are coming up soon.


Yokohama - July 22nd

- It's been a week since their last cons over at Hiroshima, so they each reported on what they did during those days. Nino said that he attended the premiere for "Hachimitsu to Clover" earlier that morning. It was something he spent two years of filming to complete, so he felt a sense of accomplishment to be able to see the finished product. He also went on Waratte Iitomo recently too-- at which point Sho jumped in and pointed out that those were all things that he did, not Nino XD

- They brought up the group viewing of Hachikuro again, and said that they have to do the same for Sho's KCE movie, and also Jun's Bokuimo, which Jun vehemently opposed XD But they said that it's more fun to watch a movie together, plus they could also share their thoughts on the movie after it was over. Somehow the topic got to whether or not Sho would fall in love with his younger sister again, which he said again that he wouldnt' because they look the same. But when it comes to watching movies, if the people whom Sho goes to watch the movie with had different thoughts from his, then he would feel uncomfortable. At which point Nino and Aiba immediatelypointed at each other and claimed that their thoughts would definitely be different.

- Next, they talked about the first movie they watched as a child. Aiba's was Kinniku Man, Nino's was Dragon Ball. He then mentioned that when he had gone to Jun's home when they were younger, he had seen a lot of anime posters in his room. Putting them up on places like behind the door is very normal, but Jun even put some up on his ceiling, so he could see them when he falls asleep, which is practically something that only people from Akihabara would do. While they were talking about this, Jun seemed very ashamed throughout it all. Sho used his allowance to by X-Japan and LUNA SEA posters to put up in his room... but they turned out to be too scary-looking so he couldn't sleep XD

- Back to talking about what they did this past week. Aiba said he made a new friend called Domoto Koichi. And since Aiba didn't add any honorifics to the end of his name, he got yelled at by the other members, at which Aiba said that they've become close enough friends that there was no need to add honorifics anymore. They went out to drink and chat together, even though it wasn't just the two of them alone. But Aiba did get Koichi's email address on his cell, so now they would send mails back and forth. On the day of that get together, Koichi had arrived wearing a tracksuit pieced together from two different outfits, so the jacket was completely different from the trackpants-- then the other members had to stop Aiba from talking any further, for fear of destroying Koichi's Prince Charming image. XD

- When they asked Ohno what he did during the week, he said that he already forgot what had happened one week ago. Then the other members pointed out that they weren't talking about a week ago, they were asking him what happened within the last week. Ohno's reply? Oh, he forgot too. But even though it was a break he still felt very very tired..

- The costume stylist wrote Nino's name as 二ノ宮 (which would read as Ninonomiya) on his outfits, so he complained that since they had done his clothes for so many years, why the hell would there be an extra "ノ" now?

- When they talked about their new single's PV, they mentioned that they had played fireworks in it, and everyone had a lot of fun.

- In Ura Arashi the question was basically how they would tell their girlfriends that their nostril hair was sticking out. So it was Sho and Jun (as the girl), Nino and Ohno (as the girl). Sho was very awkward, and Nino and Ohno completely hammed it up, with Ohno pretending to be very, very girly. The third group was Aiba and Ohno, at which point Ohno did a 180 and became completely different from before XD But in the end, if the scenario does happen all of them would directly tell their girlfriends about it.

- When it was time for each person to say something to the fans at the end of the concert, Jun said some really great things... but then Nino ruined it by pointing out that Jun's zipper was unzipped the entire time. XD

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