Jubee (squints63) wrote in a_ra_shi,

This is a really simple and straightforward poll. The story behind it is i heard the live performance of signal with my friend whose a mad matsujun fan. I say Junno sounds just like Jun when he sings, but my friend says they don't sound alike at all and that i'm crazy. I say she's crazy. who knows maybe we both are crazy. We want to know who is the crazy one. well, i know she's the crazy one i just want some validation...

voice samples from each
Poll #779665 Junno from Kat-tun and Jun from ARASHI. Do they sound alike?

I'm curious as to what you guys think. Do they sound like each other when they sing?

Yes, definitely.
No way, not even close
Who is Junno?
Who is Jun?
They sound very simillar but i can tell their voices apart if i was blindfolded and they sang the same song.

Warning this will be crossposted in katunlove, a_ra_shi, and arashi_on

sorry ha ha I wouldn't be crossposting if i was really sorry, but this poll crosses fandoms and arashi has two general communities. wtf. ;p

also note that i'm saying do they SOUND alike .. not LOOK alike -_-;; i'm just saying this now in case someone happens to mention anything.. you just never know.

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