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TV show] HNA! - 2011.03.10 (engsub - 1280x720) -Ranking Derby+ [Perf] Arashi - Rock you [10–11 Tour]

I finish sub ^o^ Yeah yeah yeah so finish subbed for full show 2011.03.10 - you can view link for Viproom here
VIP ROOM: Kuriyama Chiaki
3 races today ^^
First race: asked at a ski field, who would you fall in love with?
Second race^^:
Asked fathers, who would you give your daughters to? ( i am interesting with this race^^)
Main race^^: Ask Satomi Ishihara "who would you pick for your boyfriend"?

Find by yourself^^
Download in MY LJ

** PS: Send hug to our friend gimmick_game 
Today is her birthday ^^(2011.03.25)
[Perf] Arashi - Rock you [10–11 Tour "Scene"][Engsub + romaji + kanji karaoke][1280x720]

[Download in MY LJ
Tags: video (raw), video (subtitled - english)

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