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Himitsu no Arashi chan SP 2011.03.31

 Sorry, I'm a bit late, but I haven't seen a full streaming video yet, so I'll post it (uso, I would post it anyway :-P) quality is not really high, but not that low, either. pretty decent, while waiting for HQ...

Music Station has been posted, like , everywhere in bits and pieces, so I'll wait and try to find the whole episode, but it might take a little ( having internet issues, lately...), as well as Marching J bits on news and stuff ( have a look at arashi on, people! no point in reposting it all again, right?)

Bartender is not up yet, so we might have to wait until tomorrow...(gomen ne?)

so, in the meantime...enjoy!

Himitsu no Arashi chan SP
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