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Fansubbing Survey

I'm doing a project with a group of friends for a translation theory class. We'd like to learn a little more about the fansubbing process and compare it to traditional translation. If you're a fansubber and are willing to answer any or all of these questions that we've come up with for our project we'd greatly appreciate it. If you know other people that you think would be both appropriate and willing to answer our questions, please either let me know how to contact them or send this on yourself. Here's a link to download the questions in .doc format. If you'd prefer another way to get the file, let me know and I'll send it to you that way.

We're have a separate survey for people who appreciate and watch fansubs. If you're interested, here's the link to download and answer our questions.

I understand completely if you don't want to do this, I'm just asking around.

Thanks for time and enjoy the rest of your week.
beastlover / Elisabeth

Mods, I know this is not necessarily an encouraged type of post but thank you for providing a space to ask and sorry about my earlier goof.

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