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We apologize for the delay-- and without further ado, here are the winners for a_ra_shi's Ultra Strong Game Contest!

1ST PLACE: saishi_gackt (53 pts)
2ND PLACE: nyshal (47 pts)
3RD PLACE: squints63 (46 pts)

Our first prize winner, as promised, has the choice of one of the following three items:
[+] 3 DVD-Rs holding up to 12 GBs of Arashi media from my collection (pre-burned discs)*
[+] Your favorite Arashi song translated by acidae
[+] An Arashi comic hand-drawn by me to your personal request.

For a list of the items that are on the discs, please refer to this document: {YSI link; phasera_arashidiscs.txt}

The 2nd runner-up will choose from the remaining 2 items, and the 3rd runner-up will recieve the final item.

Again, we'd like to thank everyone who participated in our community's first-ever contest! We hope you all had fun and enjoyed yourselves, and hopefully learned even more about our favorite Arashi boys. :)

- - - - - - - -



1. How/why did each member join Johnny's Jr.? (5 points, 1 for each member)

Nino - his cousin sent in his application for him, and his Mom bribed him with 5000 yen to go
Jun - he was called up by Johnny Kitagawa and asked to go
Sho - he applied for auditions because he likes to dance
Aiba - he applied for auditions because he wanted to play basketball with SMAP
Ohno - his mom sent in his application for him, convinced him by telling him there's no way they'd pick him

2. a) Name 4 dramas that MatsuJun has starred in. (1 point)
    b) Briefly describe the character that MatsuJun plays (note: don't forget to include his character's name!) and summarize the storyline of each. (4 points)

3. a) Name 4 dramas that Nino has ever starred in. (1 point)
    b) Briefly describe the character that MatsuJun plays (note: don't forget to include his character's name!) and summarize the storyline of each. (4 points)

4. Name 3 songs of which Sho had written the rap lyrics to, excluding the new songs from their ONE album. (3 points)

Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono
La Tormenta
The Bubble
Pika**nchi Double
Eyes with Delight
Right Back to You
Sakura Sake
Gori Muchuu
Lucky Man
Crazy Ground no Oujisama
Te Agero

5. a) Aiba was admitted to the hospital at one time for a health condition. What was it, and when (approximately) did it happen? (2 points)
    He got spontaneous pneumothorax, common in young people. It occurred sometime around Spring of 2002.
    b) Give a summary (as detailed as possible without copying it word for word) of Aiba's letter to the other members from 2004's 24Jikan special. (3 points)
    He wrote about the friendship between them all, his thoughts on when he had been hospitalized, and gave short personal messages to each of the guys, thanking them for all they've done, ending the letter with the hope that they'll reach the top like they promised they would and that he was glad to be a member of Arashi.

6. Name 4 stage plays in which Ohno has starred in. (4 points)

Shounentai's Playzone
Aoki-san Uchi no Okusan
True West
West Side Story
Bakamatsu Ban Fuu

7. What was the name of the first TV show that Arashi has ever hosted/co-hosted? (1 point)

Mayonaka no Arashi

8. Name all the singles released by Arashi that has included a hidden talk in one of the karaoke tracks. (5 points)

A Day in Our Life
Nice na Kokoroiki
Hadashi no Mirai/Kotoba
Pikanchi Double

9. Describe at least two distinctive features of the T-shirt from last year's 24Jikan Special. (2 points)
    The picture/logo was drawn by Ohno himself.
    The bottom of the picture features handwritten messages from all the members of Arashi

  BONUS: Explain the meaning behind the drawing. (1 point)
  A child holding up giant weights that have the words "possibilty" engraved on them, to show that even a child (or in their case, disabled persons) have the potential power to do something originally thought to be impossible.

10. List all the photobooks that Arashi has released as a group. (4 points)

ARASHI Concert Pamphlet Series
ARASHI: In a Rush!
ARASHI 04150515
Pika**nchi A to Z


1. Fuji TV/ Pony Canyon logo
2. Wada Akiko (Minna no Terebi w/ Jun)
3. Rolling Stones (Jun's recent favorite necklace)
4. Olympic symbol; USG, Hero theme song
5. Rie Hasegawa (hosted Chikyuu wo Mamoru Mizu in Las Vegas with Sho)
6. Tensai! Shimura Dobutsuen Zoo (Aiba co-hosts)
7. USO?! Japan ; Ohno's alleged sixth-sense ability...
8. Kitarou-san ;  (Arashi no Waza-ari co-host)


FAST:  Te Agero, Horizon, LaiLaiLai
SLOW: Dear My Friends, Blue, Days

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