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Partial summary of Bay Storm 2006 07 30

It's been mentioned before that Nino thought up the original details of the PV, and I've even seen mentions of people thinking Nino had directed it... but how much of that is really true? Nino stepped out and explained things on his most recent Bay Storm radio show, so click on the cut below for a summary!


With regards to the Aozora Pedal PV, Nino's ideas were the original blueprint that has since undergone many changes. He goes on to describe his original storyline:

Before the music starts, you'll see many different sketches appearing on the screen. Each drawing will be connected to each other, one after another. Then you'll see everyone else with Sho and the girl, each holding sketchbooks and going to many different places (eg. to the beach) and drawing everywhere they go. The girl wants to see new colours, so everyone would pick up their pencils and try to produce just that.

The management looked this over, thought it suited the topic of the movie a lot, and felt that it wasn't bad.

Then he talks about the sketches themselves. Of course they will be drawing on the sketchbooks, to fill it with different colours. But in the scenes where they're half drawing and half hanging out, they will be using CG effects instead of requiring each person to actually draw nicely.

There will be many different colours included in the sketches, such as the ocean, the tidal waves and so forth. And these colours will also represent their memories. The more colours they fill the sketchbooks with, the more memories they would have also created.

Finally, when the sketches are completed, they would decide that Sho will give it to the girl. In the beginning, everyone would be pushing at each other and making excuses, but they would decide that Sho would be the one to hand it to her, after which they will then start dating.

As the song plays, we will see scenes of things from their memories of the places they had gone to together. Then, the colours will be stripped one by one until everything was black and white. At the very end, Sho and the girl will be standing in a pristine white schoolyard, which was also the place where he had given her the sketches in the beginning.

"We don't need the school anymore."

Because, after that, they will be drawing their lives together...

But one night while he was looking stuff over, he suddenly realized that everyone only made appearances in the flashbacks, so it feels a bit like everyone had died. Because a lot of the flashback scenes will be in black and white, including the ones where everyone were together and having fo, so it seems like people are watching memories of back when they were still alive. Nino worried that he might get complaints from people.

Then the people at the jimusho told him that they hoped Sho wouldn't end up with the girl in the PV, because his character didn't end up with the girl in the movie either, and it wouldn't match very well. So Nino had to redo everything over, but just as he was about to go and write up a new storyline, the details of the PV were already worked out by other people and the entire thing had been completed.

But! They still included scenes of them hanging out and eating yakiniku, which Nino had originally included in his own version, so technically he still had a hand in the making of the PV and wasn't actually lying. XD


I would actually love to see Nino's version of Aozora Pedal, for all that Sho and the girl do end up together. It sounds so much more interesting...

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