azuleanna (azuleanna) wrote in a_ra_shi,

[picspam] Today's VSA! yay!

Today's guest team in VS Arashi is Charisma Model team plus one arashi team guest is, Nankai Candies! Shizu-chan is so cute! LOL XD It's a fun episode though, with lot of pretty model-san, and you can see a highlight of Sho-tan's hair. and... and... Jun-kun's extremely handsome here! and... and... I don't want to spoil more, i'll just give you some of spam pics and spam captions. XD

~ I told you, Sho-kun's look so handsome in his latest hairstyle right?! XD

This is a next week preview of VSA... but... but... but...

ARASHI's latest hair styles... YEAH!
Tags: x sharing: pictures (discontinued)

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