Katie (hontowa) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Arashi DVD/Blu-ray sale at CD Japan

For anyone who doesn't get CDJapan news updates about Arashi items, they are having a one-week sale on previously released Arashi DVDs & Blu-rays. Anything released before the Scene tour is 10-50% off, including concerts, movies, and dramas.

Go here to see the items.

The sale lasts June 14 - June 21. If you're buying anything over 5000yen, they also have a promo going on until June 30th where you can get 1000yen back if you use Paypal.

Just remember, Japanese DVDs will only play in region 2 or region free DVD players and will require you to change the region on your computer to play them unless you use players like VLC or GOM player. Many blu-rays are region free, but for those that are not here are the region codes.
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