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Charity Event / Beautiful World Tour Updates

There were a few updates sent around to the fanclub yesterday about the event and concert.

To help lighten some of the conjestion at Kokuritsu, they will be doing a pre-sale of Beautiful World tour goods at Tokyo Dome during the charity event. There are also some goods for the charity event itself. For those of you that haven't read yet, the charity event is called "嵐のワクワク学校 ~毎日がもっと輝く5つの授業~" (Arashi's Exciting School ~5 Classes to Make Each Day Shine Brighter~).

Charity Event Goods:
School notebook (A6 size) - 500yen
School Emblem Stickers - 200yen
School Emblem Clear File Folder - 300yen

Beautiful World Tour Goods:
Pamphlet - 2,000yen
Clear File Folder (6 types, group and individual) - 500yen
Jumbo Uchiwa (5 types, individuals) - 500yen
T-shirt - 2,800yen
Bath Towel (Domes only)/ Hooded towel (Kokuritsu only) - 3,000yen
Arashi Charity Charm - 500yen
Drawing Pen Set - 500yen
Poster (6 types, group and individual) - 800yen
Super Original Photo Set (6 types, group and individual) - 600yen
Pen Light - 1,500yen
Shopping Bag - 1,200yen
Phone strap - 1,300yen
Mini Uchiwa (6 types, group and individual) - 300yen

The "Super Original Photo Set" was photographed by the members themselves. Group by Arashi, Aiba by Jun, Jun by Nino, Nino by Sho, Ohno by Aiba, and Sho by Ohno. Profits from the charity charm go to benefit the victims of the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami.

Message From Arashi
There's also a message from Arashi about the Beautiful World Tour. My translation below:

Hello, it's Arashi.
Are you all doing well?
We're doing well.
Right now we've started concert rehearsals, and are gradually building up excitement.

So, would you all like to participate in this Arashi concert?
Please freely use your imagination to draw your image of a "Beuatiful World."
We'd like to use your drawings during the tour.

For example, scenery and things you like, smiles, hands, family, things that make you feel life and warmth, unique things like that, anything is OK♪
Let's make this tour together!

The album will be out soon. Look forward to it!
Thanks for your support~.

Ohno Satoshi
Ninomiya Kazunari
Sakurai Sho
Matsumoto Jun
Aiba Masaki
"Work hard on your drawing okay! Use whatever colors you want♪"
"We'll be happy if you all send in drawings!!"
(Theme) "What does "Beautiful World" mean to you..."

(Deadline) Must arrive by 7/7

(Paper) 10×14.8cm size officially manufactured postcards only
※We'll be putting together several postcards, so we can only use the size above.

(Application address) 〒150-8550(It will arrive with just the postal code)
ファミリークラブ 「わたし、嵐のコンサートに参加したい!!」係
(I left the address in Japanese so you can copy it. You'll need to use the original Japanese rather than a translation)

※On the address side, be sure to write you name, fanclub number (if you're a member), address, and phone number.

<Regarding the Drawings We Receive>
・We only except drawings that you do yourself and that haven't been released anywhere.
・We cannot return any drawings we receive
・If we receive a large number of submissions, we will make selections. We cannot let you know the results of the selections, please keep this in mind.
・We will not use your personal information for anything else. Furthermore, if we use your drawings, we will not publish your personal information so please do not worry.

If you can get ahold of a postcard that fits the size requirements, it would be great if foreign fans participated :)

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