sarahpotz (sarahpotz) wrote in a_ra_shi,

What happened to Nagano Con?

Ok.. i hope this is ok.. if not.. please just go ahead and delete my post.. no need to comment.. it already understood.. thanks!

 i just coudln't stop thinking about it.. i just read in jeantler's blog website ARASHI that Jun and Nino got angry.. they wrote in their diary dated August 3, 2006. It's not translated though.. coz she said it was really upsetting.. but  now.. that made me even MORE curious about  what happened to the concert.. or what did the fans really do to make Jun and Nino angry.. i'm dying to know why..  and since the Game Nikki section in Binan no Nikki have no updates yet since July 28th.. i couldn't find anything related to this incident..

so.. anyone.. who could read kanji.. could you translate them to me?? onegai.. *begs*

oh and by the way, jeantler's ARASHI website is soooooo GREAT! i give my full credits to her for all the news she's been posting.. and translations.. definitely an UPDATE.  Arigato!!!

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