tazi_chan (tazi_chan) wrote in a_ra_shi,

[SUBBED] Trailer Kamisama no Karute #2 90s 2011.06.17

 I've translated & subbed trailer Kamisama #2. More longer time & touched than #1. It's not about ARASHI or Sho-kun if I said from all trailer's movies which I've watched, only trailers this movie which so touched.

...and I'm sure in many thousands times with confidence 100%,
this movie will be box office, Sho-kun!

Everything really touched including feedback from people that were put into it.
Tried so hard to hold tears specially with one feedback from a student 20 years old who said :
"If there is any kindness of people, whether any life that born from despair". 

Here's link for downloading... but open public only for 4 days

You're not God, Sho-kun.. but I believe you make a miracle with this movie ...
Tags: video (subtitled - english), video: cm, video: promo

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