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JE related shops in Kansai area!?

JE Fans I really need your help! Please come and save me >"<

I will be doing an exchange program in Osaka soon! I'm desperately doing some JE related research right now about the Kansai area because I haven't been there before =[

I was wondering if Osaka or the other Kansai cities have the idol shops similar to the ones on Takeshita-dori?! (sells unofficial photos.. idol goods and the most important CONCERT TICKETS!!?)

I have been to unofficial idol shops, ticket stores, JE family club and the official JE store, BUT they were all in Tokyo T^T I was wondering if Kansai have anything like that? I'm sure people living all around Japan loves JE too... they are not only located in Tokyo right?! T_T

Also, I read from somewhere that there is an Arashi store in the Kansai area?! Does anyone know about this? Does it still exist?! *0* I would LOVE to pay a visit to that store and get my money robbed from that store~ Would totally stay in there for hours admiring things...

Please, can anyone give me some directions as I am very clueless right now >< I only know that there is a Johnny's shop in Osaka...nothing else T^T
Onegaishimasu!!! m(_ _)m

Also, if there is any fans that lives in Kansai area or even Kanto area and don't mind being friends with me ♥ I love to chat about everything, and believe me, LOL when its related to JE and arashi my tension gets really hyper! XD

This is my first time posting... I hope I tagged this post right! If I did anything wrong please let me know! >"<

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