ArashiForYou (arashiforyou) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Who Are The Fans of Arashi Poll (for my statistics class) RESULTS!!!

....i've reached my limit....

uuughhh, i think i might just die T__T
And here I thought i'd only get about 60 volunteers...TUH!

More than 900 took the survey!! 900!! (my brain explode from my flooded inbox!)

and some people can't answer all the questions, thus making some inaccurate number of participates to the questions actually answered >:(

Well, sorry for the long wait! But after hours of sorting, and mouse clicking, and graphing, and - okay, you get the point.
I've finished sorting out YOUR responses and put them in these lovely graphs!!

I'm posting before my project is due (so you guys give me a second opinion again!)
Let's get started!!

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Tags: ! poll, discuss: general, other: info

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