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xD and Question!

So my friend saw Arashi in Taiwan...
And this is the AIM convo that commenced when she got home to tell me about it. 8D
Personally, I found her anecdote amusing, and I spliced out irrelevant parts, so it shouldn't be annoying to read. >__> But tell me if it is? I'd hate to have posted boring spam. D:

0DE3: tiffany, do you know a jap band called arashic?
HYOU: ahaha
HYOU: arashi?
HYOU: arashic was their last album
HYOU: why do you ask?
0DE3: lol
0DE3: ohh
0DE3: whatever
0DE3: because i saw them
0DE3: in taiwan
0DE3: at the airport
0DE3: lol
0DE3: arashic arashi..same thing!
0DE3: lol
-she goes away for a while-
HYOU: come back and tell me what it was likee~
HYOU: oh
HYOU: there you are :]
0DE3: haha
0DE3: it was a bunch of girls standing outside
0DE3: waiting for them to arrive
0DE3: and my mom and i were like..whats going on!
0DE3: so she asked some girl
0DE3: and she was like...YOU DONT KNOWWWW
0DE3: i only saw two of the guys
0DE3: cause everyone was pushing
0DE3: a bunch of asian girls pushing and shoving is freaky!
HYOU: i imagine
HYOU: when was this?
0DE3: the 31st
0DE3: it was weird because they were both coincidences
0DE3: and they were both things that i dont really care about!
HYOU: ahaha

Oh those poor, unfortunate souls who don't know Arashi... D:

Anyway. They are so busy, I'm surprised they don't collapse. :/ Taiwan... six hours after Korea, if I remember correctly? x___x So my question! What were they in Taiwan for? Did they do a show? But then, they went all around Asia in such a short span of time, and I was wondering, what were they doing? They couldn't possibly have been having concerts in all those places, because... wouldn't that be terribly draining? But then they did have a show in Korea... Gah. Yes, please do inform me? Thank you! ♥

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