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ARASHIC tour MC summary - July 29th

Sorry about the long wait, but I couldn't find any comprehensive MC reports for the past while so I couldn't do any translating. I'm also debating on whether to translate the reports on the MCs from their three Yokohama shows (the ones on the 23rd) since someone has already translated them, but I could always do them as well if anyone wants, so just let me know.

I'm going to hopefully do all of the Osaka and also Nagano MC summaries today (7 shows in total so far), which is quite a lot if you've seen any of my previous summaries. So without further ado, let's get started! Here're the MC summaries for the first two shows of their two days in Osaka ^^


Osaka - July 29th (1st show)

- When the MC started and everyone began talking, Jun was standing off to the side drinking from his water bottle. After he took a drink, he passed it over to Ohno and let him have some, which he claimed was delicious as he drank. Jun explained that he had put some citric acid powder in it, so Ohno decided that he would do the same next time too.

- Aiba mentioned that he met up with a few high school friends whom he hadn't seen for a long time, and somewhere along the way they started talking about which actor/singer they each resembled, to which the other members picked on him about and said that Aiba was already one himself, then decided that he looks like... an acorn. XD Especially when he's just stepped out of the shower.

- No Border [T/N: the little psuedo-group made of one member from each group, ie. Jun from Arashi, Hina from K8, etc.] had a get together recently, and Toma said that he was going on Hanamaru, so he wanted to take a picture of everyone. Everyone said that at the time Jun really looked like Michael Jackson XDD Ohno added that lately Jun looks like Ronald Inho [T/N: A soccer player from Brazil], at which Jun got mad and started stalking towards him, so Ohno immediately got onto his knees and apologized XD

- When they asked Nino if people had ever said he resembled anyone, Nino replied that no one's mentioned it before, so Sho decided that he thinks Nino looks a bit like a Korean star, like Park Yong Ha or something.

- Because Jun had mentioned No Border just a little while ago, everyone asked what kind of people that group had. After Jun gave an explanation, everyone expressed surprise at the fact that Hina was part of the group XD And then they started talking about Hina himself. Sho said that after Hina watched the HEYx3 ep that Arashi was on [T/N: the same one where Sho had made fun of Hina, then everyone agreed that after the show was over the guys from K8 will definitely call them and thank them], he did give him a call and thanked him XDD Aiba said that when he was watching Bunka Housou, Takki was in it and he looked very imposing. It was only afterward that Aiba realized Hina was sitting right beside Takki XD; Ohno added that one time when he was a Jr. he suddenly realized that Hina was sitting beside him, and when he looked down he noticed that Hina's toes were really long. Nino said that Hina and Yoko had no sense of personal space, and would draw up really close every time. Sho agreed and gave an example: one time when they were filming a movie at Nagoya, they bumped into Kanjani8 at the train station, and the guys drew up reaaally close and started talking to them.

- At one point everyone mentioned that Sho's voice was also very loud, to which Sho admitted that he was aware of that.

- Nino said that in the beginning when he was in Hollywood he had asked the staff to let him finish in time to watch the last show for Sho's stageplay {T/N: Beautiful Game], but it was only after he came back that he realized the last show was in Osaka, so he gave up.

Osaka - July 29th (2nd show)

- They did magazine interviews for Myojo a couple of days ago. Sho, Aiba and Jun played a soccer game, and Ohno and Nino made soba. Nino said that they were obviously trying to make soba, but the photographer would hold up his camera at their sides and tell them to "come on~ smile a little~" So they would force a few smiles for his sake. But they had fun just from making soba alone, and Aiba added that they would laugh constantly just from being around each other XD

- The other three's soccer game was apparently very interesting. Sho imitated the way Aiba said "Sho-chan! Sho-chan! Soccer's so fun~" because apparently Aiba was very excited the moment he stepped out of the car. He was also very excited while they were playing, but on the same token, he also got tired very quickly XD And he was very speedy when running and kicking the ball around, so the others teased him and said that it was because he was stupid, so simple movements like that would also be fast XD Jun said that they don't usually play soccer, which is why he was actually sore all over today. Aiba followed behind and said that the lower part of his body was also in pain, and when the fans started discussing that amongst themselves Aiba finally realized he said it wrong, and amended that he meant it was his joints that were in pain.

- In each concert tour they do every year they would always bring up the topic of showering. Lately, Aiba hasn't randomly entered other people's shower stalls anymore. On the contrary, it was Sho who randomly burst into Aiba's shower stall today XD His reason was that the way the shower stalls are constructed in Osaka made it easy to intrude into others' stalls. He was also fully naked until Aiba finally noticed. When Aiba saw Sho enter, he said "Ah~ It's Sho-chan! You scared me", at which Sho burst into hysterical laughter for some reason XD

- Speaking of showers, everyone said that Jun doesn't sing in the shower lately anymore. He used to sing as he showers, then as he's singing and decides that his condition wasn't good he would start mumbling to himself and say stuff like "Oh crap! My throat's not too good today" As everyone talked about this, Jun seemed to feel very embarrassed the entire time.

- The others mentioned that Ohno would start to want to sleep around 10 PM. When they were doing shows at Yokohama, the moment the concert was over he would immediately change out of his clothes and go him. His speed is so fast to the point that when the other members hasn't even started changing yet, he would already have his clothes changed and even be wearing a hat, all ready to go home. Even the speed at which he changes clothes during the concerts weren't that fast XD Ohno explained that his own clothes were easier to wear than the concert outfits, at which everyone began to reveal that Ohno would often wear clothing produced by official companies, like clothes from True West [T/N: a stageplay that he was in] or FM Yokohama. When he arrives at FM Yokohama to do his radio show, he would already be wearing FM Yokohama clothes. Then when he gets there he would change into the FM Yokohama clothes provided there for his show. In other words, he would change from FM Yokohama clothes to more FM Yokohama clothes, so there's no point at all XD When they were getting interviewed during Shounen Club awhile ago, he was also wearing FM Yokohama clothes. And during the interview he would cover the logo on his shirt the entire time as he talked XD

- When they got to talking about Hollywood, everyone pestered Nino and kept asking whether or not anything unusual happened over there. He warned everyone that he would only talk if they promised not to write about it on the internet... but it was only that he got a daily salary, rather than over a period of time. Jun was very interested and asked how much he earned everyday, but Nino refused to tell him. But he would spend most of it on food every day, so everyone said that you can't blow all of your daily salary on food alone in Hollywood, to which Nino seemed very shocked. He said that because he can't understand English, when people tell him to sign, he would obediently sign, then he would take the money, and happily take that money to go eat. Everyone told him that he had been cheated XD;

- At one point Aiba mentioned that when he was doing his stageplay, in order to try to concentrate, he actually went to do some kind of mediation thing under a waterfall XD;

- The first question for their Ura Arashi corner was "What kind of actions do you like from girls?" Aiba brought out a blond wig and wore it so everyone can act it out. Jun likes it when girls gather up their hair (like into a ponytail). Sho likes it when girls adjust their bras XD; Nino likes girls directly telling him "I like you", and Ohno likes it when girls smoke XD; Lastly, Aiba likes it when girls sit down and pull their shirt over their knees.

- The next question was "What's different from the future you envisioned as a Jr. to the way you are now?" Aiba had originally joined Johnny's because he wanted to play basketball with SMAP, so it's obviously very different from what he had envisioned as a kid XD Jun said that the contours of his face become more obvious every year, to which Sho said that Jun's picture from when he was in the 4th grade was a classic example of that, and kept saying how he wanted to show everyone if he gets the chance. Sho said that the future he envisioned as a child was very different from now, because when he was a Jr. he had originally wanted to quit.

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