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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Community Created~!

YAY~! FINALLY!! Livejournal is working and behaving properly again~! sparkles

Which means that I can now make an official announcement of my new community that I created! hearts

As written in my earlier post (HERE), I didn't know what name to choose and resorted to voting pencil

Let me say, the most popular name won by a large landslide and I've used that name for the comm ^_^;;

As such, please join  arashinorakuen  which means Arashi's Paradise! leaf

For the time being it will be OPEN MEMBERSHIP for TWO DAYS, after which it will become closed membership.

As such my first VSA subbed episode (HERE), will become locked on my livejournal as well as all my scans.

But do not fret, I'll re-encode the VSA and post it in the community as well as the scanalations I've posted.
From now on, fansubbed entries and scanalation posts made on my LJ will be FRIEND LOCKED, but will be accessible on the comm if you are a member.
So what are you waiting for? GO JOIN  arashinorakuen  BEFORE MEMBERSHIP IS CLOSED! !!

I do hope it goes without saying that you'll all abide to the Arashi rules of not reuploading, redistributing, selling, or streaming any of the material on the new community that I've created.

Otherwise, I swear I'll purge ALL the members except for those I'm familiar with... NG 
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