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what's in a name?

hi! aishoni @ aina des.. *1st time posting nervous ^^;;*
i've done some searching for the meaning of the boys name at wiktionary 
i'm just wondering if it's accurate or not, or maybe there's other kanji used to represent their names

Aiba Masaki 相葉雅紀
-相 (ai) mutual, reciprocal, each other
-葉 (ba / ha) a leaf, a needle, a blade
-雅 (masa/miyabiyaka/tsune) elegant, graceful, refine
-紀 (ki) record, historical account

Matsumoto Jun 松本潤
-松 (matsu) a pine / a pine branch decorated for the celebration of New Year
-本 (moto) root, origin, source / basis
-潤 (jun) soft, moist / sleek / freshen

Ninomiya Kazunari 二宮和也
-二 (ni) two twice
-宮 (miya) palace, temple, dwelling
-和 (kazu) harmony, peace, peaceful, calm, and
-也 (nari) too, also classical final particle of strong affirmation or identity

Ohno Satoshi 大野智
-大 (oo / ookii / ooini) means big, powerful, etc. / big, great, vast, large, high
-野 (no) open country, field or wilderness
-智 (satoshi / chi) wisdom, knowledge, intelligence

Sakurai Sho 櫻井翔
-櫻 (sakura) cherry blossom
-井 (i) a well
-翔 (sho) soar, glide, hover/ detailed

i'm not studying nihongo atm, this is just out of curiosity :P
hopefully someone with better nihongo skills would confirm the correct meanings.

my favourite is Ohno Satoshi = vast field of knowledge, but phoneticly sounds pleasing is Ninomiya Kazunari 
what do you gals/guys(is there any?) think about how the meaning of their names represent their personality?

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