Human Disaster (eufry) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Human Disaster

New Arashi fanfiction community

Hello everyone !

Here we are, finally posting to the grand public about this small community that was created rather recently.

What is stormwriters, you ask ? Simply enough, this is a community for fanfiction work. Yes, we realise that many communities already exist, but ours is here for a reason;

In a nutshell, we moderate the posting of entries so we can make sure that every piece submitted is carefully being read over. We require you to have a beta reader if you think you might need one, and we're ready to help you out and pair you with one if needed ! Check out the guidelines on the profile page to see how it all works :) 

We're just united by our love of fanfictions, without the paraphernalia of banners, bold fonts and the usual grammar and spelling mistakes. We just want people to progress and enjoy each other's writings, whether you're new at this or an experienced author. We treat everyone the same way, and we hope you'll enjoy your stay !

And let us not forget to present you our mods :

rikke_leonhart (Mr Hyde)
pebblegosling (Crazed Koala)
calerine (Teenager Extraordinaire)
bulkyass (Bulky Ass)
eufry (Dr Jekyll)

stormwriters stormwriters stormwriters
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