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VS Arashi EP #114 (Arashi + Masato vs. 2nd Generation Team)

Here is my present for all the Arashi fans...because today is Arashi’s
the 12th anniversery...there will be a few mistakes because my Japanese
is still not very good but the episode is very I hope everyone
enjoys it as much as I have...
This is the episode where Matsumoto got his nickname Macchan...named by Sakurai of course.

Riida is sending a message to his mother

I got the raw file from here: [info]last_of_days
and the episode aired on the Oct. 28, 2010
Following the numbering of kazunari it is the 114th episode : link

If someone is willing to do timing for the next episode please pm me
As I am planning to sub episode 115 to 120

Get the subs from my journal
Tags: tv: variety: vs arashi

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