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Fanmeet Amsterdam

Hoi hoi every one,

I just wanted to let all the dutch fans know that there will be a Ganzt screaning in Amsterdam on friday 30 sept. and saturday 1 oct.
you can see the scedule and the other movies they will show at the Camera Japan weekend here:

Gantz 1 is on friday at 21.15
Gantz 2 is on saturday 13.00

And now i was wondering if some other also want to go as i really want to see Gantz on a big screen and now we have the chance.
we even can hear nino's voice as it is eng subbed =3.

the tickets are €8,- but with a student card €6,50.
so please comment and let ppl know if you wanna go and can go.

I will be there for sure!!!

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