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ARASHIC tour MC summary - August 2nd

sakdjf;saf I am so behind on these. Sorry guys! Anyway, here're the 2 Nagano con MCs. I'll have the two Fukui and then Miyagi summaries up... soon-ish. I hope.


Nagano - August 2nd (1st show)

- Sho apparently made mistakes in a few songs today, so the other members forced him to apologize to the fans, at which point he actually got down on his knees and made an apology.

- Apparently, Arashi hasn't been to Nagano to hold concerts in two years now, but Aiba had said one year. When everyone corrected him, he explained that he often went to Nagano because of Tensai! Shimura Dobutsuen, then the others started telling him to go home. Aiba replied that he was going to take a private jet home then. XD

- They mentioned the Asia trip from Monday, when they had gone to three different countries in the span of a day. They had rushed to the Haneda Airport in Tokyo right after their Osaka concerts were over. The jet they took was a small one which seated only 15 people, and they were able to see the pilot as he flew the plane. All of them complained that the pilot drank too much coffee. XD And this three-country trip, according to Aiba and Nino, was also like a gourmet journey.

- They talked next about the conditions in Korea, and how a fan requested to shake hands with Sho, so he did, but the fan kept holding on and wouldn't let go and just started walking beside him, to which Sho joked that it wasn't a date, dammit. And because it gets really dangerous when the fans are too close, the security would pull the members along by their pants XD

- In Taiwan, ten fans got to attend the press conference, and a fan mentioned Ohmiya SK after the press conference was over. Jun said that this was a question to which the other three members had no right to reply to. XD And it really surprised Aiba when a reporter asked whether or not their trip would be too rushed, since he had to go on a show the next morning, because at that time he actually didn't know he had that lined up in his schedule XD

- Aiba mentioned something that he also brought up in their MS performance, about how no matter what country they were in the fans would call the other members by their nicknames, like "Sho-kun!" "Nino!" Oh-chan!" "MatsuJun!", and then only him it would just be "Aiba!". And the way everyone called him "Aiba!" sounded really fierce too.

- Nino started taunting their Japanese fans, saying "You guys definitely think we should just stay in Japan and be small-time idols, don't you! You guys are definitely thinking why we ran all the way overseas for no reason, aren't you! I'm gonna tell you now! We're not small-time idols at all!!" Then Jun replied, "But we are small-time, we even have a show with stupid experiments that we air in the middle of the night." But they also added that even if they travel all over the world, they would still love their Japanese fans the most.

- When Aiba was promoting his drama special "Triple Kitchen", Jun had obviously not seen it before, yet he said that he dreamt he watched it. In the drama in his dreams, Aiba got stabbed to death, and the comedy suddenly became a suspense thriller...

- In Ura Arashi they were asked whether the members would eat bugs. Jun said he absolutely wouldn't, whereas Aiba was okay about it-- apparently, he had eaten ants before in elementary school XD

- Another question was "What would the other members say when you sneeze?" Aiba would rush up to the person who sneezed and give them a tissue. Some of them then jammed tissue into their noses just to try to sneeze on purpose. XD As they talked, Sho suddenly had a nosebleed. So he just grabbed the tissue, stuffed it in his nostrils, and kept right on talking.

Nagano - August 2nd (2nd show)

- They mentioned the trip from Monday again, visiting three different countries in one day. They reenacted scenes from that day, and mentioned how the Thai reporters were completely unrestrained XD They would first take pictures of Arashi, then use Arashi as the backdrop and take pictures of themselves XDD

- Next they talked about Korea. Because at the airport Sho was the last one out of them all while they were walking, the security guards thought he was a fan and blocked him away from the rest of the group XDD At the time he looked at the other members from afar and thought that the four of them looked really cool.

- One time while Ohno was taking the train, he noticed that a lot of girls were looking at him. So he thought, did everyone recognize him? Then he thought, naaah, he wasn't that famous to the point where everyone recognized him~ was afterwards that he discovered he had been standing in the section that was used by women only. XDD

- In Ura Arashi they were asked about what would be the benefits of dating each member. Aiba said they would be able to go to all kinds of zoos without restrictions, to which Jun said the rest of the members would want to follow too XD Jun's answer was that he would bring his girlfriend out to get in touch with nature. Nino would disregard his girlfriend XDD He likes playing games by himself, and wouldn't like playing with a girlfriend. If she was fine with that then it would be okay.

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