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VSA Episode 125 [2011.01.27] (subbed)

本日は十一月二十九日~! Today's November 29th~! !!

今日は私の誕生日ですよ~! It's my birthday today~! hearts

一緒にケーキを食べましょう~! Let's eat cake together~! cake

In celebration of my awesome special day, I present you with another VSA episode sparkles

So without further ado...

Download links and previews are located in my LIVEJOURNAL COMMUNITY~!
Community is locked and moderated !!

RAW credit: ohjjang from last_of_days  
Translation credit: arisa_draconisloissama
Spot Translators: azuleanna & corlee1289
Everything else: corlee1289 

Please do NOT online stream, repost, reupload, or sell~!

I worked really hard and long for this and I would be devastated if these simple requirements were broken heartbreak

Comments are always loved by me~! It gives me motivation to keep doing this arrowup

Incidentally, Christmas is around the corner and I bought a whole bunch of Christmas cards~! Does anyone want me to send them Christmas cards this year? You don't have to be my LJ friend to get one, all I ask is that you send one to me as well. If you're interested, please CHECK OUT THIS POST!!

This is the LAST call to get a Christmas card from me as I am getting ready to mail them out soon~! loveletter
Tags: tv: variety: vs arashi, video (subtitled - english)

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