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Translation [2011.05.14] Iwate FM - Arashi

Here is another translation of the radio show Arashi does for the Tohoku area.

Radio station: FM Iwate
Participants: Arashi
MC: Sho
Summary: As usual some really hearty messages from the victims! Nino is surprised Aiba didn't make much mistakes at the filming of 'Mada minu sekai e' and what did Aiba & Sho do staying behind at dance practice? What expectations does only Aiba need to live up to when the boys are shooting for a magazine? Jun is as usual really good at the dialect quiz, maybe a little too good! Sho fails when he tries to advertise Nino's movie and Riida is shining with his absence as usual!

Find it over here at my LJ:  "Arashi are five after all"
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