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Translation [2012.02.06] Date FM Miyagi - Aiba & Ohno

This is a translation of mondays radioshow from Miyagi..

Date: 2012.02.06
Radio station: Date FM Miyagi
Participants: Aiba & Ohno
MC: Ohno
Summary: What cute measure does Riida use against the cold? What would Aiba and Ohno do if they were attacked by a bear? Hear Riida's attempt to say Pamyu Pamyu, and will he ever succeed to pronounce WWW correct?! What kind of scent does the tennen pair of Arashi like? Find out some backstage info from Aiba's letterwriting for 24 hour TV 2004. And they try to figure out how Sho was feeling when all of Arashi went to watch his movie Hachimitsu to clover.

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Tags: other: translation

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