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2x radio translations [2012.02.11] & [2012.01.21]

Two radio translations.. ^_^

Date: 2012.02.11
Radio station: FM Iwate
Participants: Aiba & Ohno
MC: Aiba
Summary: For what reason is the tennen pair still stuck in 2008?! Is Riida watching Lucky seven or not? They hold a sudden intro quiz to decide who is the worst at guessing Arashi's intros. Can you get it before them?! They talk about the miniskirt police birthday celebration in Fukuoka. At what positions were the boys when it came to making pyramids at group gymnastics in school? They talk about their hairstyles at Aozora pedal's cover and did the two boys really kiss in that famous scene in AP's PV?!

Here at my LJ : "And we were of course fooling around.."

Date: 2012.01.21
Radio station: FM Iwate
Participants: Sho & Ohno
MC: Sho
Summary: Ohno is the guest?! He reveals his thoughts about how his year end was like and what part he likes about the new single 'Wild at heart'. Aiba-san appears in people's dreams. The two eldest in Arashi talks about not remembering stuff they've done. What did Ohno do while he made the figurines during 24 hr TV 2008? And find out what Sho noticed behind the camera when Aiba read his letter in 2004. They celebrate Sho's birthday with a cake at the end! And of course a cake means an appearance of Sho, the gluttony!

Here: "It's a berrycake!"
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