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Oha4! ZIP PON [12.05.22] Nino talk about 24hr Drama "Kuruma Isu de Boku Na Sora wo Tobu"

Ninomiya Kazunari Goes Blond for New Drama upcoming in 24-hour TV.
The special drama is "Kuruma Isu de Boku Na Sora wo Tobu"
Nino will be playing a guy from a broken family
who became a delinquent due to lack of proper guidance.
After he got crippled at 15-year old, he decided to mend his wrong ways by
becoming a counselor and helps to reform those in similar situation as him.
"Kuruma Isu de Boku Na Sora wo Tobu" on air on 24-hour TV starting Aug 25th.

PON ZIP & Oha4!
Download Here

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