Amy (acidae) wrote in a_ra_shi,

psa (sort of)

After a lot of thought, I've decided to stop posting here every time I put up a new translation. ^^; I've always felt that it seems like unnecessary spamming, especially for people who've already friended the journal and would thus see double posts every time I update.

What I'll be doing instead is I'll make update posts here every so often to list all new translations done between now and whenever that may be. It's still somewhat spammy, but at least it won't be as frequent, right? XD

Of course, anyone who would like to keep track of the new translations as they come rather than wait for the cumulative update posts are welcome to friend say_it_again. ♥

And to give this post some kind of substance, I've translated the next part to Aiba's 10,000 word interview from their Arashigoto photobook:

[ Arashigoto - Aiba Masaki - 10,000 Word Interview - Part VII ]


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