keshigomiu (keshigomiu) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Translation [2011.06.03] Fukushima FM - Arashi

Here is a radio translation.. It's over a year ago since it aired, but the dorkiness never gets old... >.<

Date: 2011.06.03
Radio station: Fukushima FM
Participants: Arashi
MC: Jun
Summary: Which two members took a bath together at the training camp? and who was filming them?! When Sho tries to bring the inactive Ohno into the conversation, the reaction wasn't quite what he expected... After receiving a mail from a fanclub-member with a four digit number, the boys discuss what their own numbers are. And what number is always on Jun's concert pass? Jun plays a fool and how does Aiba react to it? And Sho bring out his best tactic to receive a hint in the dialect quiz.

My LJ: "AyaArashi!"
Tags: other: translation

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