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[translation] Monthly the Television 2012.06 - Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun pages

Hey, i just translated another arashi page, this is the part one. Also, i just want to ask how many Sakumoto fans are there?! it's been a while since Sakumoto appeared on this magazine, they also talk about what kind of Otaku are the members, Where do they want to go during their vacation in Golden Week and their Childhood memories! Enjoy! :D


Over here:
Part 1 - Jun: By the way, it's been 4 years since both of us appeared on Monthly the Television. Sho: Really?! Jun: It's like an Olympic! (laughs)

Part 2 - Sho: Well, Nino is really a game otaku. Jun: Unexpectedly, he's also a wiring otaku. XD
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