piNk drAgON (baka_power) wrote in a_ra_shi,
piNk drAgON

fresh from the over!

pics of ARASHI in taiwan!~
omg! 1200 jap fans went w/ arashi to taiwan? what the~ jealous! they are gonna have lunch together, and some even stayed at the same hotel as the gang? superb JEALOUS!!!!!!!
the gang looked choo genki! ureshii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


aii!!!!!!!!!!! after they got off the plane, they went right away to this popular restaurant that make sui long bao (the thingie that jun always wanted to eat).. and look at nino/jun!!!!! so cute!~ (jun = do s? asking nino to carry him over that diry spot on da ground? KEKEKEKEKEK XDDDDDD)

another article w/ no pic:,4434,content+110511+112006091600326,00.html
nobody understand the chinese the gang was saying... and nino comment: "perheaps, we were not learning mandarin"? and the guys said sho + ohno = rain man.. and the other 3 were sunny boys? lol~ 'cause whenever a member worked w/ either of them (sho or ohno).. that day, it would rain! XD

god! can't wait for the tv report!!!!!!!!~

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